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Hybrid Heating Systems

Hybrid Heating Systems

Hybrid Heating Systems

Hybrid HVAC System

When the word “hybrid” is mentioned most people think of hybrid vehicles that use two energy sources, usually gasoline and electricity, to increase fuel efficiency of vehicles. For homeowners, with the cost of natural gas reaching an all-time high, many are turning to the same hybrid technology to heat and cool their homes.

Hybrid heating systems use a combination of fossil fuels and electricity to increase the efficiency of the system and save energy. With electronic technology, increased efficiency and the cost of fuel, hybrid heating systems are now more affordable for the average homeowner.
Hybrid heating systems use electric heat pump technology when the outside temperature is above freezing and gas furnace technology when the outside temperature drops below freezing. This switching between the heat pump and furnace makes the home far more comfortable than any single system alone. When it is chilly outside, the heat pump delivers consistent warm air to maintain the comfort level of the house.
As the outside temperature drops the system switches over to the furnace to deliver the higher temperature air needed to maintain the warmth and comfort level of the house. This is because heat pumps deliver lower temperature air than furnaces and heat pumps can feel drafty during colder weather. If it gets too cold, heat pumps cannot keep up with the loss of heat through windows, poorly insulated walls and doors, therefore they run continuously and inefficiently. Some heat pump systems incorporate an inefficient electric heat strip to help the system keep up in cold weather.

Hybrid systems take advantage of both heating technologies and automatically switch to the one most efficient for the temperature. When it is chilly outside, the heat pump system uses electricity to capture the heat that’s always present in outside air and circulates it back into your home as consistent warm air. But when it turns cold, the hybrid system automatically switches to the gas furnace and its higher temperature air. This provides superior comfort control while lowering the heating bill.

In short, a hybrid heating system offers homeowners a new, more efficient way of heating and cooling their homes. When taking into consideration rising energy costs, the increases in efficiency, the comfort factor, the environmental benefits, and the tax incentive savings, it is a wonder that everyone isn’t wanting a hybrid heating system for their family. Parker Heating and Air has won top sales awards for hybrid systems and continues to be a leader in the market. Contact us and let us show you why we are the experts in hybrid systems.

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